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Manufacturers need a high level of visibility into their business to optimize the supply chain, identify potential savings, and manage margins while driving innovation. Microsoft Dynamics enables organizations to gain productivity and visibility through role-based views, integration with other familiar Microsoft technologies, and easy-to-configure workflows and processes.
Small and mid-market retailers need to automate point of sale processes, store operations, and inventory and purchasing management so they can focus on managing customer relationships. Microsoft Dynamics helps specialty retailers integrate customer-facing and back office operations so they can analyze data and plan effective promotions and marketing campaigns.
Distributors must manage expanding channels’ demands for global sourcing, third-party logistics, RFID, and other innovations, while identifying the best strategies for new channels. Microsoft Dynamics helps manage business data from order entry and procurement to inventory and shipment management—giving distributors a powerful tool to compete effectively while managing customer service.
Professional Services
Professional services firms need to accurately predict project needs, effectively allocate resources, and bill clients in an accurate and timely manner. Microsoft Dynamics enables companies to integrate project management details with accounting, billing, and time reporting; streamline expense management and billing; and optimize resource allocation.
Public sector organizations are increasingly being asked to do more with less and be more accountable for their budgets. Microsoft Dynamics helps public agencies manage grants, accounts, commitments and encumbrances—and it helps employees to streamline operations and increase visibility for better decision-making.
Small and mid-sized organizations are often challenged to cost-effectively automate processes while maintaining operational visibility. Role-based views, integration with other familiar Microsoft technologies, and easy-to-configure workflows and processes enable organizations to gain productivity and visibility while managing costs.